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This course explores the story of United States history from the early stages of European exploration to the Civil War. During this time period, we will encounter many interesting people, places and events that have shaped U.S. History, for good or for bad. As students, we owe it to our ancestors to learn history. Remember, the events that we have experienced in our lifetime will be history for future generations to learn.

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Outside Reading Assignments

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Final Review




Classroom Expectations


Native Americans


European Colonization

The 13 Colonies

The American Struggle
for Independence

The American Revolution

The Articles of Confederation/
Constitutional Convention


New Government

The Age of Jefferson

Growth, Expansion and Sectional Differences

Manifest Destiny

North and South


The Civil War

Important Sites

Curriculum Map

Essay Writing

Eighth Grade

Essential Questions

Graphic Organizers

Study Skills

Political Cartoons

Core Extension

History Hornet Hall of Fame


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