Mr. Dowling
A Call for Women's Rights

What did the women at the Seneca Falls Convention demand?

The abolitionist movement helped spark a new reform movement that sought equality for women.

Women had few political or legal rights in the mid-1800s

Could not vote
Could not hold office
Could not own property if married

1840-London-World Anti-Slave Convention-motivated by the unequal treatment of women at the convention, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton decided to hold a women's rights convention

Seneca Falls Convention

New York-1848
200 Women/40 Men
Called for womens's rights

Wrote a document like The Declaration of Independence called The Declaration of Sentiments-demanded equality at work, school, church

Demand for women to be allowed to vote-believed that if women were allowed to vote, they would get political power which would help them win more rights.

Susan B. Anthony-built the women's movement into a national organization

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