Mr. Dowling
The American Struggle for Independence: Stage 4

How did the First Continental Congress prepare the colonists for the American Revolution?

What was the First Continental Congress?

September 1774-Representatives from all of the colonies except Georgia met in Philadelphia
1. Voted to stop all trade with Britain until Parliament canceled the Intolerable Acts.
2. Began preparing troops for possible fighting.
militia-army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
Some were knwon as Minutemen because they were trained to be ready to fight at a minute's notice.
3. Agreed to meet again if necessary.

Shot Heard 'Round the World

1775-British Commander Thomas Gage found out that there was arms storage in Concord
Goal=seize the weapons

April 18-700 British soldiers head to Concord
Paul Revere warns the colonists.
April 19-The British reach Lexington. 70 militia men were waiting. They refused to drop their weapons. Someone fired a shot and within minutes 8 Americans were dead.
Concord-The militia forced the British to retreat.


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