Mr. Dowling
The American Struggle for Independence
Stage 2

How did taxation without representation further contribute to the struggle for independence?

1. Sugar Act 1764-placed a tax on sugar and molasses

2. Stamp Act 1765-made the colonists pay more money for legal documents (wills, marriage papers), newspapers, playing cards. All of the items named in the law carried a stamp showing that the tax had been paid.
"Taxation without representations is tyranny!"

After the Stamp Act is repealed, Parliament still needed money to play its expenses in America.

3. Townshend Acts 1767-Charles Townshend (finance minister)-Taxed many goods-glass, paper, paint, lead and tea
Writs of Assistance-search warrants used to enter homes or businesses to find smuggled goods
This upset the colonists. They believed that the writs of assistance violated their rights as British citizens. The government could not search a person's property without a good reason.

4. Committees of Correspondence-letter writing campaign to keep all of the colonists up to date-spreads the rage

5. Sons of Liberty/Daughters of Liberty-secret groups to protest British policies-boycotts, urged colonists to use colonial goods.

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