American Revolution Quiz

  1. Washington crossed the Delaware River on December 25, 1776 to

    retreat into Pennsylvania.

    stop the British from landing troops and supplies.

    attack the Hessians at Trenton by surprise.

    set up winter camp at Morristown.

  2. The young French officer who won his men's loyalty by sharing their hardships was

    Marquis de Lafayette

    Baron de Kalb

    Bernardo de Galvez

    Benedict Arnold

  3. Baron von Steuben helped the Continental Army by

    persuading King George III to end the war

    buying food and clothing for the soldiers at Valley Forge

    stopping the British from attacking from the southwest

    teaching the soldiers how to fight in formal battles

  4. The French fleet helped the Americans at the Battle of Yorktown by

    carrying Washington's army to Virginia

    stopping Cornwallis's troops from escaping by sea

    delivering supplies to the Americans

    delivering information between Washington and Rochambeau

  5. The location of the difficult winter camp for Washington's troops in 1777-1778 was

    Valley Forge

    Valley Stream


    Ohio River Valley

  6. The agreement that formally ended the American Revolution was

    The Declaration of Independence

    The Treaty of Paris 1763

    The Treaty of Paris 1783

    The Olive Branch Petition

  7. One advantage the Patriots had over the British was that they

    were defending their own lands

    controlled the oceans

    had a well-trained army

    had more Indian allies

  8. The battle that brought an end to the American Revolution took place at

    Long Island




  9. Which of the following contributed most to the American victory in the American Revolution?

    French military and financial assistance

    the failure of Loyalists to participate in military action

    a major American military victory at Valley Forge

    the British failure to capture Philadelphia

  10. American Tories believed that

    separation from Britian was an illegal act that would create an unnecessary war

    only independence could preserve the colonists' rights

    the King was responsible for the problems facing the colonies

  11. The Battle of Saratoga resulted in

    an embarrassing defeat for the Continental Army

    France entering the war on the side of the colonies

    renewed efforts of the Loyalists to enlist colonial support

    British victory in the war

  12. British troops fought with colonists at Lexington and Concord after the British

    attacked a French fort

    learned of the Boston Massacre

    got Indians to attack the colonists

    marched to capture colonial weapons

  13. The nickname of the Cincinnati Reds is

    The Big Red Machine

    The Little Red Tinker Toy

    The Red Menace

    The Lousy Team from Ohio

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