Mr. Dowling
Representative Government

How did representative government help the English colonies succeed?

Originally the Virginia colony was run like a military camp-harsh laws, punishment, assigned work.

"No man will go to have less freedom there than here."-John Smith (in England)

Reforms are made in 1619 to attract more settlers.

The Virginia Company allowed for burgesses (elected representatives) to meet once a year in an assembly-The House of Burgesses-the first representative assembly in the American colonies.

English Traditions

1215-Magna Carta-Great Charter (a written contract)
This document guaranteed rights to English nobles including trial by jury and the King agreed to consult the Great Council about taxes.


Sailed on the Mayflower

Planned on sailing to Jamestown but were blown off course

Landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts

The men on the ships signed the Mayflower Compact-promised to work together to make the colony succeed.

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