Mr. Dowling
Political Parties Emerge

What are the differences between The Federalists and The Republicans?

A political party is a group of people that share similar ideas and goals.

Political Parties in the United States emerged because of differing opinions.

Federalists Republicans
Led by Alexander Hamilton Led by Thomas Jefferson
Emphasized manufacturing, shipping and trade
Believed the economic future of the US was in manufacturing and trade
Believed that if the US could produce things, we wouldn't have to rely on other countries
Emphasized Farming
Jefferson believed that relying on manufacturing would put the power of the country into the hands of a few wealthy people and not the hard workers (farmers)
Wanted a strong federal government Favored state government
Loose interpretation of the Constitution-allows for more use of the elastic clause Strict interpretation of the Constitution-believe that government powers are written in the Constitution
Favored national bank Opposed national bank
Pro-British Pro-French

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