Mr. Dowling
The Oregon Country

How did the United States accomplish Manifest Destiny?

Americans first heard about the Oregon Country in the early 1800s

The region includes current day Oregon, Washington, Idaho and parts of Wyoming, Montana and western Canada.

Initially, the land was claimed by Russia, The United States, Great Britain and Spain (RUGS). Eventually only the US and Britain claimed the land

Climate: Mild, good amount of rainfall
Land: Fertile soil, forests

The first Americans to settle permanently in Oregon were missionaries.

Missionary-a person who tries to convert someone to a religion

They wanted to convert the Native Americans to Christianity

Mountain Men-rugged individualists, lived off the land and survived on what they were able to find or capture

Rendezvous-Mountain Menwould meet at an agreed upon time and place to trade for necessary materials

The Oregon Trail
Began in Independence, Missouri

Dangers: floods, droughts, extreme heat, diseases, drownings

More than 50,000 traveled the Oregon Trail between 1840 and 1860

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