Mr. Dowling
Opposing Slavery

What did abolitionists do to call for an end to slavery?

In the North, there were only 50,000 slaves in 1800. In the South, there were nearly 1 million slaves.

American Colonization Society-set up an independent colonly in Africa for freed slaves

Liberia-Monrovia-Only a few thousand African Americans went to Liberia

Abolitionists-people who wanted to end slavery completely in the United States.

Some people in the North opposed abolition because many industries in the North depended on cotton in the South. They feared that African Americans might take their jobs by working for low pay.

Abolitionists Actions
William Lloyd Garrison Published a newspaper called The Liberator
called for an end to slavery
Sarah and Angelina Grimke Daughters of a South Carolina slaverholder
gave speeches against slavery
Frederick Douglass Former slave-wrote an autobiography that described how it felt to be a slave
published an anti-slavery newspaper
Sojourner Truth Fled from her owners, freed by Quakers in the North
spoke out against slavery
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad-led more than 300 slaves to freedom during 19 journeys
"Black Moses"

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