Mr. Dowling
The Northwest Passage

Why were explorers unable to find the Northwest Passage?

Northwest Passage-waterway through or around North America

Goal-To get to Asia without having to travel on land

Who looked for the Northwest Passage?

John Cabot (England)
Henry Hudson (Holland and England)
Giovanni de Verrazano (France)
Jacques Cartier (France)

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River on his first trip in 1609 and returned for England in 1610 to discover the Hudson Bay.
He continued to look for the Northwest Passage even though his crew abandoned him-Hudson was never heard from again.

Giovanni de Verrazano was Italian but sailed for France. In 1524, he followed the coast from North Carolina to New Foundland, Canada. He explored New York harbor.

Jacques Cartier-1535-discovered the St. Lawrence River in Canada. He thought it was the Northwest Passage but instead he ended up in Montreal (not Asia). However, this helped pave the way for fur trading.

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