Mr. Dowling
New Threats from Overseas

To what extent did France and Great Britain ignore the neutrality of American ships?

As Great Britain went to war against France, both sides ignored the claim of the United States that American ships were neutral.

At the beginning of the war, American merchants made a lot of money by trading with both sides.

Britain and France were both unhappy that the United States was selling supplies to "the enemy".

As a result, France seized ships being sent to England and the British stopped ships being sent to France.

impressment-the kidnapping of American sailors to work on British ships (to fight in the war)

Jefferson-"Our trade is the most powerful weapon we can use in our defense."

Embargo-ban on trade

1807-The Embargo Act did hurt Britain and France but it also hurt Americans

1809-Nonintercourse Act-allowed Americans to trade with all nations except Britain and France.

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