Mr. Dowling
New France

(map of New France-1645)

How does New France compare to the Spanish colonies?

Samuel de Champlain founded the first permanent French settlement in North American in 1605 (Port Royal) in Nova Scotia.
3 years later, Champlain built a trading post near the St. Lawrence River known as Quebec.

The Economy of New France

economy-system of getting what you need using money, goods, or natural resources

New France had little gold or silver. The French had to rely on fishing, trapping and trading.

Coureurs de bois-"runners of the woods"-French colonists who lived and worked in the woods

Established friendly relations with the Native Americans
Trade-knives, kettles, cloth, and other items for trade with Native Americans
Did not try to conquer the Native Americans
Did not build farms or interfere with Native American lands

Government of New France

Similar to the way New Spain was governed.
The French king is in control and a council living in New France made all decisions.

New France grew very slowly-only 10,000 settlers lived in the colony by 1680.

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