Mr. Dowling
New Americans

What was the reaction to new immigrants in the United States?

Immigrant-a person who moves to a country to become a permanent resident.

People came to the United States because of push-pull factors.

Push-Pull Factor-a force that pushes people out of their native lands and pulls (attracts) them toward a new place

Germans and Irish

Push Factors

Crop Failures-Ireland-Irish Potato Famine (food shortage)

Pull Factors

Freedom of Religion
Economic opportunity
There was a lot of land

Immigrants-labor source, growth of northern cities

Those who could afford land went to the Midwest. (Germans)

Reaction to Immigrants Nativists-Native Born Americans who wanted to eliminate foreign influence.

"Americans must rule America."

Wanted to limit immigration, blamed immigrants for stealing native born American's jobs and for being criminals

1850s-nativists formed The Know-Nothing Party-secret party-anti-Catholic/Anti-Immigrant

1856-Millard Fillmore-21% of popular vote

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