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Native American Cultures

To what extent do Native American cultures vary?

All Native Americans are not the same!

Native Americans do not belong to a single group. There are many different Native American cultures.

Far North-Inuits

lived on icy treeless plains

During the summer, Inuits collected driftwood along the seashort-used for tools and shelter

Lived in pithouses-houses dug into the ground covered with wood and skins

Used lamps filled with seal oil to keep their homes warm.

Women made clothing made of fur and boots out of seal skins.

Plateau Region

Utes and Shoshones-Intermountain Region

Collected pine nuts and dug roots in the dry soil. Hunted sheep and rabbits.

Had few possessions other than digging sticks, baskets, tools and weapons.


Bella Coolas, Coos, Kwakiults, Tlingits-good climate, temperatures and large food supplies (fish-farming)

Large forests-good for building houses and canoes
Good conditions for permanent villages and trade with nearby villages.

Within a village, status is gained by how much you owned.
Potlatch-ceremonial dinner to show off wealth. The family would invite many guests and give them gifts. The more they gave away, the more respect they earned.

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