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More Native American Cultures

To what extent do Native American cultures vary?

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Cherokees and Natchez-warm, moist climates

Natchez-they would hunt, fish and farm along the fertile coast of the Gulf of Mexico

1. Ruler of Natchez=Great Sun-worshipped as a god

2. The Little Suns (family of The Great Sun)

3. Nobles

4. Honored People

5. Stinkards(Common People)-majority of the people

Membership would change-nobles had to marry stinkards

Great Corn Ceremony-took place in midsummer-celebrates the harvest and the new year.

Eastern Woodlands

Algonquins, Hurons, Iroquois, Miamis, Shawnees-lived in farming villages but also hunted for food

Lived in longhousesshared by several families-150 feet long, 20 feet wide

Women shared social and political power.
Women owned all the household property and were in charge of planting and harvesting.

Iroquois-lived mostly in New York State(The Iroquois live where



Iroquois included 5 nations, each speaking different languages(COSMO):Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca, Mohawk and Oneida

Until the late 1500s, the five nations were often at war.
1570-alliance to end the fighting-League of Iroquois-A council of 50 specially chosen tribal leaders (Sachems)-met once a year to make decisions for the league.

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