Mr. Dowling
The Middle Passage

How would you describe slavery and the Middle Passage?

Middle Passage-the ocean voyage of enslaved Africans from Africa to the New World.

We will be working on a listening comprehension activity in class on the Middle Passage. This activity is helpful for learning information on the Middle Passage and it practices the skills needed for the ELA exam this year.

Many societies have practiced slavery including ancient, medieval, Asian, European and African societies.

Europeans shipped 10-15 million Africans to the New World.

The earliest African slaves arrived in the New World in 1509.

Millions of Africans suffered and died during the Middle Passage.

It is difficult to get an accurate estimate of how many Africans died during the Middle Passage. Experts currently estimate it as being approximately 10% of the captured Africans. Whether is was 10% or a much larger number, it is important for us to remember that it was a HUGE number of people that suffered on the trip to the New World to become slaves.

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