Mr. Dowling
The Middle Colonies

To what extent are the sections of the 13 Colonies unique?

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The Middle Colonies are New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Melting Pot-many different backgrounds living in an area-usually includes a blending of the many cultures into one way of life

Today, we prefer the Salad Bowl. In a salad bowl, there are many different cultures, but we celebrate the differences of people.

Pennsylvania-William Penn-"Holy Experiment"-Quakers-believed all people were equal-welcomes all religions and backgrounds

There was less slavery in the Middle Colonies than in the South because wheat needed less labor to pick and grow than tobacco or rice.

The Quakers were against slavery.

"Breakbasket" Colonies-name given to the Middle Colonies because of the amount of grain they produced.

cash crop-a surplus of crops sold for money on the world market

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