Mr. Dowling
Marbury v. Madison

How did Chief Justice John Marshall strengthen the Supreme Court?

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court-John Marshall-appointed by John Adams

Marshall was a Federalist (wanted to make the federal government stronger)

Marshall believed the courts were much weaker than the other branches of government.

1803-Marbury v. Madison-Marbury was a judge appointed by Adams on his last night as President. When Jefferson beame President, he ordered James Madison (Secretary of State) not to deliver the papers confirming Marbury's appointment.

As a result, Marbury sued and the case went to the Supreme Court.
Decision-Marshall and The Supreme Court ruled that they could not force Madison to deliver the Marbury appointment.

Marshall declared the Judiciary Act unconstitutional.

Important Precedent-Judicial Review-gave the Supreme Court the power to decide whether laws passed by Congress were constitutional

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