Mr. Dowling
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

To what extent did the Lincoln-Douglas debates lead to the emergence of Lincoln as a national leader for the Republicans?

After the Dred Scott decision, the Republicans chared that the Democrats wanted slavery to be legal in all U.S. states and territories.

1858-Stephen Douglas ran for re-election to the Senate against Republican Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln and Douglas held a series of debates about the expansion of slavery.

Lincoln: Slavery should not be expanded. He did not want to interfere with slavery in states where it already existed.

Douglas: popular sovereignty

Douglas won the election, but the debates made Lincoln a national figure.

1859-John Brown wanted to inspire slaves to fight for their freedom. He planned to capture the weapons in the U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry in Virginia.

No slaves joined the fight with Brown. Brown and his followers were captured by the U.S. Marines. They were tried, convicted and execute.

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