Mr. Dowling
The Legislative Branch

What is the structure of the legislative branch of government?

Separation of Powers-principle by which the powers of government are divided among separate branches.

Legislative Branch-makes laws
Executive Branch-enforces laws
Judicial Branch-interprets laws

Legislative Branch

Bicameral-two houses-Senate and The House of Representatives
House of Representatives Senate
Candidates' Requirements 25 years old
Citizen for 7 years
Resident of state
30 years old
Citizen for 9 years
Resident of state
Term of Office 2 years
No limits
6 years
No limits
Number of Members 435
Representatives divided according to population
2 from each state
Impeachment Powers Brings charges of impeachment Senate sits as jury in the case
2/3 vote
Your Current Representation Tom Suozzi Charles Schumer
Kirsten Gillebrand

Powers of Congress-taxation, regulation of commerce, patents and copyrights, declaration of war, impeachment

Elastic clause-"necessary and proper clause"-allows for future generations to expand the meaning of the Constitution

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