Mr. Dowling
The Kansas Nebraska Act

To what extent did the Kansas-Nebraska Act inflame the tensions over slavery?

1854-Senator Stephen A. Douglas proposed a bill that would divide the Nebraska Territory into two parts (Nebraska and Kansas).

The decision to allow slavery in these territories would be decided by popular sovereignty.

What happened after the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed?

Pro-slavery and anti-slavery people rushed into Kansas to have an impact on the vote.

Anti-slavery settlers boycotted the official government and formed one of their own.

May 1855-A pro-slavery mob attacked Lawrence, Kansas. They destoryed the offices and houses of the governor of the anti-slavery government.

John Brown-murdered 5 pro-slavery people at Pottawatomi Creek.

By 1856, more than 200 people had been killed.

Kansas became known as Bleeding Kansas.

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