Mr. Dowling
Industry in the North

To what extent did new inventions faster transportation contribute to the growth of the northern economy?

New Inventions

Sewing machine-Elias Howe (improved by Isaac Singer)
Steel plow-John Deere-pulled by horses
Reaper-Cyrus McCormick-mowed wheat and other grains

Telegraph-Samuel Morse (1844)-allowed information to be relayed immediately over hundreds or thousands of miles


Railroads were orginally used to transport goods to canals.

Early locomotives were dangerous-rails were not always safe

Instead of two tracks being built, only one was built, increasing the possibility of a collision.

1850s Railroad Boom-Farmers and merchants could transport their goods quicker and cheapet

Cities grew along rail routes (Chicago/Cincinnati) Factories

Long hours for less money
No safety devices
Child labor
Workers Unite Workers formed trade unions in order to fight for better working conditions. Unions sometimes make their demands by going on strike. (Strikes were illegal at the time.

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