Mr. Dowling
The Incas

What characteristics contributed most to the Incan empire?

Largest empire in the Americas-2500 miles along the West Coast of South America-in varied environments (deserts, jungles, Andes Mountains)

Center of the empire is Cuzco (high in the Andes)-holy city to the Incas-area of palaces/temples made of stone with gold ornaments

All nobles tried to visit it at least once in their lifetimes.

Emperor=Sapa Inca-believed to be a god who descended from the Sun God.

The emperor ruled more than 10 million people-sent high officials (governors) to keep the empire organized-made sure all people worked on projects for the state

System of roads to unite the empire-roads included carving into rock cliffs and rope bridges across gorges

Skilled engineers-built massive stone temples/forts

Farming-carved terraces (wide steps of land) into steep mountainsides
Used stone walls to keep rain from washing away the soil

Incan Terrace
Ends in 1530s when the Spanish conquer them.

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