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This Week's Homework

Homework Assignment Date Assigned Due Date
Read Chapter 5 Lesson 1
Answer questions 2-4 and
Define effigy, boycott and repeal
11/28/22 11/29/22
pg. 19 of the American Struggle for Independence packet 11/30/22 12/1/22

Past Homework Assignments

Homework Assignment Date Assigned Due Date
Geography Google Form 9/6/22 9/7/22
Draw a picture of a Native American.
Use color/keep it neat.
9/7/22 9/9/22
Read pg. 20-21 up to Southeastern Peoples
and take notes
9/13/22 9/14/22
Read about Magellan and Ponce de Leon
and take notes.
9/28/22 9/29/22
In a paragraph, answer the following:
Why did your family first come to the United States?
Be sure to include where your family came from.
10/3/22 10/6/22
Postcard Assignment 10/18/22 10/21/22
Read and study Chapter 3 Lesson 2 10/21/22 10/25/22
Read and study Chapter 3 Lesson 3 10/25/22 10/26/22
Read and study Chapter 3 Lesson 4 10/26/22 10/27/22
Read Chapter 4 Lesson 4 11/14/22 11/15/22
French and Indian War Google Form 11/16/22 11/17/22
Complete the helping hand based on today's lesson 11/18/22 11/21/22
Pd. 7A will have this assignment due 11/22/22.

All homework assignments must be completed using complete sentences.
Students will not get full credit without properly writing their responses.
Remember, you must put your name on your assignment to get credit.
All assignments are due when the bell rings to begin class.

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