Government Quiz

  1. The co-equal branches of government provided in the checks and balances are the __________

    House and Senate

    federal, state and local

    laws, amendments, and articles

    executive, judicial, and legislative

  2. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech.



  3. The ultimate authorities in our government are ______.

    all the leaders

    we the people

    most of the judges

    many of the governors

  4. Under the Constitution, how long a term do Supreme Court Justices serve?

    2 years

    4 years

    6 years


  5. As established in Article 1 of the Constitution, Congress consists of which two houses?

    The Pentagon and the Military

    The White House and The Capitol

    The Supreme Court and the lower courts

    The Senate and The House of Representatives

  6. In order to purchase land, the United States government had to use

    the Elastic Clause

    checks and balances

    the 3rd Amendment

    a credit card

  7. A president's veto of congressional legislation can be overridden in each house by a

    simple majority

    50% vote

    two-thirds vote

    three quarters vote

  8. In the impeachment process,

    the Senate impeaches, the House removes

    the House impeaches, the Senate removes

    both the House and the Senate impeach, the Supreme Court approves

    the House is peaches, the Senate improves

  9. Another term for a legislative body that has two houses is





  10. The Fifth Amendment protects us from

    illegal search and seizure


    bears with guns

    self-incriminating evidence

  11. Which of the following is NOT true of the Senate?

    It has 100 members

    The term for a senator is four years

    A senator must be a resident of the state that he or she represents

    A senator must be a citizen of the United States for at least nine years.

  12. While serving as President, the President serves as


    Guardian of the Economy

    Head of State

    All of the Above

  13. Which of the following is NOT true of the House of Representatives?

    It has 435 members.

    A term for a representatives is two years.

    Each state gets the same number of seats in the House.

    A representative must be a resident of the state and district he or she represents

  14. The highest court in the United States is

    State Supreme Court

    US Supreme Court

    Federal District Court

    Judge Judy's Court

  15. Which of the following was not a Federalist?

    John Jay

    Alexander Hamilton

    George Mason

    James Madison

  16. The power to establish local governments and conduct elections belongs to

    the states

    the national government

    both the states and national government

  17. The branch of government that determines if laws are carried out fairly is




  18. In order to become a law, a bill in Congress must

    receive a 2/3 majority of votes in Congress

    receive a 3/4 majority of votes in each house of Congress

    pass both houses of Congress in identical form

  19. According to the Constitution, the President is chosen by

    the House of Representatives

    the Senate

    popular votes of the people

    the electoral college

  20. Those who opposed ratification of the Constitution were called





  21. The Seventh Amendment in the Bill of Rights

    protects Americans from unlawful searches of home or property

    provides for juries for civil trials

    guarantees people the right to assemble peacefully

    states that people cannot be forced to incriminate themselves

  22. In the 1970s, the Cincinnati Reds club was nicknamed 'The Big Red Machine'. The team went to four World Series in the decade. Who was their manager in these four World Series?

    Sparky Anderson

    Ray Knight

    Lou Piniella

    Jack McKeon

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