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The French and Indian War

What was the turning point in the French and Indian War?

The French and Indian War was a war between the French and Indians (Algonquins/Hurons) and the English and Indians (Iroquois)

The war is part of the Seven Years War between France and Britain.

1754-Fighting Begins

Soldiers led by George Washington were sent to make the French leave the Ohio River Valley. The French refuse to leave.
Washington is then sent to build a fort at the head of the Ohio River. The French will soon control the fort (Fort Duquesne)

Washington then built a small fort (Fort Necessity). The French will attack and surround the fort, forcing Washington and his men to surrender.

The Albany Congress

Meeting of delegates from seven colonies.

Goals: To make the alliance with the Iroquois stronger and to plan a united defense.

Albany Plan of Union
Proposed by Benjamin Franklin
create one government for the 13 Colonies to make laws, raise taxes, set up an army.

The plan was rejected because each colony wanted to control its own affairs.

Turing Point of the French and Indian War

1757-William Pitt sends Britain's best generals to America.
1759-Britain captured Quebec (the capital of New France). The French were no longer able to send supplies to their forts.

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