Mr. Dowling
George Washington: "Follow the Leader"

Why were Washington's actions as President so important for the future of the United States?

First President of the United States-George Washington

Washington was inaugurated (sworn in) on April 30, 1789.

As the first President, Washington would set an example for future Presidents.

precedent-an act or decision that sets an example for others to follow.

Examples of Precedents set by Washington

1. The President serves for no more than 2 terms.

2. Cabinet-leaders of departments that help the President to lead the nation-give the President advice
Secretary of State-Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of Treasury-Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of War-Henry Knox
Post Master General-Samuel Osgood
Attorney General-Edmund Randolph

3. The Policy of Neutrality-the United States would make every effort to remain neutral in issues between other countries.

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