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The First English Colonies

To what extent was initial English colonization successful?

Spain gained a large amount of riches from its American colonies. Many English people believed that England should settle in the Americas as well.

1585-Sir Walter Raleigh raises money to begin a colony

The colonists landed in Roanoke (An island off the coast of North Carolina).

Problems: low food supply
problems with Native Americans
Result: The colonists ended up sailing back home

1587-John White goes back to Roanoke with a new group. Again, supplies run low.

White returned home leaving behind 117 colonists. He planned to return shortly.
War with spain--->White returns 3 years later to find that the settlement is completely abandoned. The only thing found is CROATOAN carved into a tree in the abandoned village.

The lost colony remains a mystery.

What was the first permanent English colony in America?


The Virginia Company of London financed the settlement in America.

joint stock company-a company backed by people who put money into a project to earn profits. (less risk if the project is unsuccessful)

THe Virginia Company was given the right to establish a colony in the New World.


1. people get sick (malaria)

2. incorrectly believed that the colony had gold

3. government-13 men were chosen to rule the settlement-did very little to plan for the colony's future

What helped Jamestown grow?

1608-John Smith takes control-strict rules (If you don't work, you don't eat)
Makes an agreement with Native Americans (Powhatan) to supply corn to the English.

1612-John Rolfe introduces tobacco

indentured servants-men and women sold into labor to the person who paid for their passage. After several years they would be free.

Relationship between colonists and Powhatan grows worse over time.

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