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Federalists and Antifederalists

What were the key issues in the debate between the Federalists and the Antifederalists?

Many people feared that the Constitution might give the national government too much power.

Federalists Antifederalists
John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison George Mason, Patrick Henry
supported the Constitution opposed the Constitution (too strong)
Believed the Constitution gave power to the national government without taking power away from the states
Favored dividing powers among different branches of government
Proposed a single person to lead the executive branch
Fearful of a tyrant
Believed a bill of rights needed to be added to the Constitution to protect the rights of the people.
The Federalists Papers-James Madison, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton-essays to defend the Constitution

States began ratifying-9 states were needed for approval

Ratification of the Constitution

State Date Vote
Delaware 12/7/1787 30-9
Pennsylvania 12/12/1787 46-23
New Jersey 12/18/1787 38-0
Georgia 1/2/1788 26-0
Connecticut 1/9/1788 128-40
Massachusetts 2/6/1788 187-168
Maryland 4/28/1788 63-11
South Carolina 5/23/1788 149-73
New Hampshire 6/21/1788 57-47
Virginia 6/25/1788 89-79
New York 7/26/1788 30-27
North Carolina 11/21/1789 194-77
Rhode Island 12/29/1790 34-32

The major holdouts (Virginia and New York) ratified when they were told a Bill of Rights would be added.

What state was the first to ratify the Constitution?
When did the Constitution become official?
Which states unanimously ratified the Constitution?

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