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European Explorers

To what extent did Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan and Ponce de Leon contribute to our knowledge of the world?

Bartolomeu Dias-1487-sailed for Portugal
Goal-An all water route to Asia by sailing around the tip of Africa.
Outcome-Made it to the tip of Africa and then turned around.
Dias named the tip of Africa The Cape of Storms. The King of Portugal later renamed it The Cape of Good Hope because he believed the old name would frighten potential explorers.

Vasco da Gama-1497-1498
Goal-An all water route to Asia by sailing around the tip of Africa
Followed Dias' route around the Cape of Good Hope and then continued north along the eastern coast of Africa. Thenhe turned east and sailed across the Indian Ocean to India
Returned to Portugal with spices, silks, jewels=SUCCESS

Ferdinand Magellan-Spain-1519
Voyage to prove that Columbus was right (Asia could be reached by sailing west)
5 ships, 240 sailors-crossed the Atlantic Ocean, headed south along the coast of South America and reached the Pacific Ocean. Magellan and his crew sailed for 4 1/2 months until they reached the Philippines. Magellan was involved in a war and was killed.
Group continued the voyage-made it to India and then returned to Spain.
First explorers to completely sail around the world. Proves that the world is round but westward route to Asia is too long.

Circumnavigate-to sail completely around.

Juan Ponce de Leon-Spain
Governor of Puerto Rico-heard tales from Native Americans about the fountain of youth. He began looking for the fountain in 1513.-As a result, he discovered Florida.

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