European Colonization

  1. What fur-trading post did Samuel de Champlain found?



    New Amsterdam

    Fort Nassau

  2. Why did Spain set up colonies in the New World?

    to set up a fur trading industry

    to establish homes for people from Spain

    to capture slaves to sell to other countries

    to protect its claims on New World land and wealth

  3. From 1607 to 1609, only 60 of more than 900 Jamestown colonists survived. One reason for the low survival rate was that

    the colonists were frequently attacked by Spanish explorers

    the swampy location caused disease to spread

    the colonists endured unexpected flooding

    the punishment for all criminal offenses was execution

  4. One reason the Mayflower Compact was written was to establish

    principles of government for the new colony

    a charter for a joint stock company

    strict military control over the colonists

    a system of trade with other colonies

  5. Early colonists in North America tended to settle near rivers mainly because these areas provided

    resources suitable for agriculture

    water power for factories

    protection from enemies

    popular camping sites

  6. Which development led to the other three?

    Columbus landing in the New World

    founding of the Jamestown colony

    thousands of Native Americans die from diseases

    Europeans using both tobacco and potatoes

  7. Along which river were most of the settlements in New France located?


    St. Lawrence



  8. What was the most profitable ways of making a living in New France?

    fishing and fur trading

    mining for gold and silver

    farming of tobacco and rice


  9. Early European explorers who came to the New World were looking for a northwest passage in order to

    prove the world was round

    improve trade with Native Americans

    explore the Great Lakes

    find a shorter route to Asia

  10. Why did Montezuma send Cortes rich gifts?

    to impress Cortes with his wealth

    because he thought Cortes was a god

    to prevent Cortes from joining forces with the Aztec enemies

    because Cortes had Tenochtitlan under seige

  11. Which of the following was a representative assembly that made local laws for Jamestown?

    Mayflower Compact

    House of Burgesses

    General Court

    Virginia Company

  12. The main reason that the Pilgrims came to the Americas was to

    hunt for gold

    search for food

    practice their religion

    convert the Native Americans

  13. Which conquistador is known for conquering the Incas?

    Hernando Cortes

    Francisco Pizarro

    Juan Ponce de Leon

    Vasco da Gama

  14. Which of the following were problems faced by early settlers at Jamestown?

    refusal of colonists to work


    impure drinking water

    all of the above

  15. The first English colonies in North America landed at

    Plymouth Rock



    Cape Cod

  16. Which of the following is an example of a push factor?



    freedom of religion

  17. Worked to improve conditions for Native Americans in New Spain

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Hernando Cortes

    Bartolome de Las Casas

    Bartolomeu Dias

  18. Bought Manhattan from the local Indians

    Peter Minuit

    Peter Stuyvesant

    John White

    John Smith

  19. Which of the following was the Reds Cuban phenom pitcher?

    Albert Pujols

    Luis Tiant

    AJ Burnett

    Aroldis Chapman

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