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Essential Questions

What data/information is necessary in creating a map?

How can the lines on a map be used to find the exact location of a place?

To what extent is the United States a nation of diverse landforms?

How did people first reach the Americas?

How has archaeology contributed to our knowledge of Native Americans?

To what extent do Native American cultures vary?

What is the proper way to write an essay?

What are the similarities/differences of the Aztecs and the Incas?

How did European exploration negatively or positively affect Native Americans?

Columbus: Hero or Villain?

Why were explorers unable to find the Northwest Passage?

To what extent did explorers contribute to our knowledge of the world?

To what extent did the quest for "God, Gold and Glory" contribute to the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and the Incas?

What did Spain do to establish an colonial government?

How does New France compare to the Spanish colonies?

How was the Dutch colony New Netherland founded?

Why did England encourage migration?

To what extent was initial English colonization successful?

How did representative government help the English colonies to succeed?

To what extent are the sections of the 13 Colonies unique?

How did representative government help the English colonies succeed?

How did slavery have an impact on colonial America?

What is the proper way to write a DBQ essay?

To what extent did England regulate colonial trade?

How do artists portray their point of view in political cartoons?

How did competition for land in North America lead to the French and Indian War?

What is an alliance?

What was the turning point in the French and Indian War?

How did Britain's victory in the French and Indian War mark the end of the French empire in North America?

Why did the Proclamation of 1763 and the Quartering Act outrage the colonists?

How did taxation without representation further contribute to the struggle for independence?

How did the events in Massachusetts during the 1770s lead to the American Revolution?

How did Bostonians react to the Tea Act?

How did the First Continental Congress prepare the colonists for the American Revolution?

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Patriots and the British in the American Revolution?

How did the colonists force the British to leave Boston?

What are the main ideas of the Declaration of Independence?

Why was mention of slavery deleted from the Declaration of Independence?

How did the Battles in the Middle Colonies turn the tide in the American Revolution?

To what extent did the Americans get assistance in the war effort?

To what extent did women, African Americans and Native American contribute to the war effort?

How were the Americans finally able to defeat the British?

How can you portray an event in the American Revolution using political cartoons?

What are the characteristics of the United States' first government, The Articles of Confederation?

Why were the Articles of Confederation doomed to fail?

How did the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance provide for the growth of the United States?

To what extent did compromise determine how the legislative branch would be set up in the United States?

How did the Constitutional Convention address the issue of slavery?

What were the key issues in the debate between the Federalists and the Antifederalists?

How does the Preamble define the basic goals of the Constitution?

How does federalism divide power?

What is the structure of the legislative branch?

How does a bill become a law?

What are the characteristics of the Judicial branch and the Executive branch?

How is the Electoral College used to determine the winner of the Presidential Election?

How does the system of checks and balances prevent any branch from abusing its power?

Why is the Bill of Rights important to Americans?

How can an amendment be added to the United States Constitution?

Why were Washington's actions as President so important to the future of the United States?

What was Alexander Hamilton's plan for reducing the nation's debt?

What was Alexander Hamilton's plan to strengthen the United States economy?

What was the difference between the Federalists and The Republicans?

How did the United States react to the French seizing American ships?

How did Chief Justice John Marshall strengthen the Supreme Court?

Why is the Louisiana Purchase considered such a great land deal?

To what extent did France and Great Britain ignore the neutrality of American ships?

Why did the United States get involved in the War of 1812?

How did the Industrial Revolution change the United States?

What effect did the cotton gin have on America?

What were the benefits of the Erie Canal?

To what extent did Sectionalism lead to dissention in the United States?

What impact did the Monroe Doctrine have on the Western Hemisphere?

Why did the South hate the Tariff of Abominations?

As the United States expanded, how did the United States treat Native Americans?

How did the United States accomplish Manifest Destiny?

To what extent did new inventions and faster transportation contribute to the growth of the northern economy?

What was the reaction to new immigrants in the United States?

To what extent did slave codes limit the freedom of African Americans?

What did abolitionists do to call for an end to slavery?

What did the women at the Seneca Falls Convention demand?

What was the purpose of the Missouri Compromise?

How was a temporary compromise reached on the issue of slavery?

To what extent did the Kansas-Nebraska Act inflame the tensions over slavery?

To what extent did the Lincoln-Douglas debates lead to the emergence of Lincoln as a national leader for the Republicans?

How did the Election of 1860 lead to the beginning of the Civil War?

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and the Confederacy in the Civil War?

What strategies did each side adopt to win the war?

To what extent did the Emancipation Proclamation expand the Union's goals in the Civil War?

How does the Civil War end?

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