Mr. Dowling
The Constitutional Convention

To what extent did compromise determine how legislative branch would be set up in the United States?

Purpose: To revise and strengthen the Articles of Confederation

The talks in the convention were secret so that the delegates could speak their minds without pressure from the outside.

The first speaker was Edmund Randolph (Virginia). Randolph proposed a new plan of government.

The constitution will set up how the government will be run.

Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan
Randolph/James Madison William Patterson
3 branches of government
legislative-makes laws
executive-enforces laws
judicial-interprets laws
3 branches of government
Legislature-bicameral Legislature-unicameral
Representation in both houses is based on population Each state has one vote.
Favored the large states Favored smaller states
The Connecticut Plan/The Great Compromise

Roger Sherman
Bicameral Legislature
House of Representatives-based on population
Senate-each state has two Senators (originally chosen by the state legislatures)

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