Mr. Dowling
The Civil War Erupts

What strategies did each side adopt to win the war?

Confederate Strategy

The South did not want to conquer the North, they only wanted their independence.

Goal: Outlast the North and force Lincoln to end the war.

The Confederacy hoped to win foreign support in the war.

The South was a major supplier of cotton to Europe. They hoped this would force France and Britain to aid the Confederate cause.

Union Strategy

Goal: To bring the Southern states back into the Union.

Anaconda Plan-The North would squeeze the Southern economy like a giant snake

Naval blockade of the South's coastline
Gain control of the Mississippi River to split the Confederacy in two
Capture the Confederate government by seizing the Capital in Richmond

The Battle of Bull Run

Summer 1861-Lincoln ordered an invasion of Virginia to conquer Richmond.

The Confederates (led by Stonewall Jackson) won the battle. The United States began preparing for a long war.

Naval Action

The Union blockade on Southern ports hurt the South. Therefore, the South created an ironclad ship caled the Merrimack to attack the Union navy.
In response, the North created an ironclad ship(Monitor)

Important Battles

Battle of Antietam-General Robert E. Lee took his troops to Maryland. Union General McClellan found out about Lee's plan and attacked at Antietam-23,000 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded.

Battle of Fredericksburg-one of the Union's worst defeats

Battle of Shiloh-Union victory-April 1862

1862-New Orleans-Union gains control of both ends of the Mississippi River

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