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The Civil War Ends

How does the Civil War end?

July 1863-The tide of the war turned against the South as the Union forces won major victories in both the East and the West.

West-Union captured New Orleans and Memphis and controlled both ends of the Mississippi River

The Union army led by Ulyssess S. Grant tried to take Vicksburg on a number of occasions but were unsuccessful.

New Plan-Suprise attack on Jackson, Mississippi and then turned west to attack Vicksburg

(6 weeks-Confederates surrendered on July 4, 1863)

Gettysburg-General Lee was moving North-if he was able to win in Pennsylvania, he was going to go to Washington, D.C.

Battle of Gettysburg-3 day battle in July 1863

Day 1-Confederates push the Union out of Gettysburg. The Union army goes to Cemetery Ridge

Day 2-Lee attacks the Union from both sides-Union was prepared and stays in position (Large number of casualties for the Confederacy)

Day 3-Pickett's Charge (Gen. George Pickett) failed-Union victory
This was a turning poing in the war (the war would last another 2 years)

Over 40,000 soldiers were killed or wounded

November 19, 1863-ceremony held to dedicate a cemetery to honor dead Union soliders

To read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address click here.

The Civil War Ends

Total War-led by Grant and William Sherman-war against enemy troops and everything that supported the enemy (crops, towns, railroads)

Grant-leads army through Virginia after Lee

Lee surrenders after 10 months of fighting at Appomattox Courthouse

April 9, 1865-the war ends

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