Mr. Dowling
The Civil War Begins

How did the Election of 1860 lead to the beginning of the Civil War?

in 1861, The Civil War Had Just Begun

What were the results of the election of 1860?

The Candidates
Southern Democrats-John Breckinridge-supported slavery in territories

Northern Democrats-Stephen Douglas-did not support slavery in territories

Consitutional Union-John Bell-wanted to keep the Union together (Compromise)

Republicans-Abraham Lincoln-did not want slavery in the territories (many feared that he would abolish slavery)

Winner: Abraham Lincoln

How did the Southern states react to the election fo President Lincoln?

December 1860-South Carolina secedes from the Union
Secede-to leave

February 1861-Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas seceded

Confederate States of America-Jefferson Davis as president

Lincoln warned that no state can leave the Union but there would be no war unless the South started it.

The Confederates began seizing American forts in the South.

Fort Sumter-April 12, 1861-Major Robert Anderson refused to give up Fort Sumter in South Carolina but ran out of supplies and had to surrender.

The Civil War had begun!

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