Chapter 9 Quiz

  1. Washington's Neutrality Proclamation was intended to keep the United States out of war with




    Britain and France

  2. Which of the following actions was a precedent set by President George Washington?

    appointing Senate members

    choosing the first Cabinet

    leaving office after one term

    importing goods from overseas

  3. Who was the leader of the Federalists?

    James Madison

    Thomas Jefferson

    Alexander Hamilton

    George Clinton

  4. The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions were passed as a result of

    the Alien and Sedition Acts

    the French Revolution

    Jay's Treaty

    the XYZ Affair

  5. What was one of the responsibilities of cabinet members?

    to make laws in Congress

    to serve on the Supreme Court

    to advise the President

    To promote business with foreign countries

  6. Alexander Hamilton believed that government should

    encourage business and industry

    tax American-made goods

    not create a national bank

    allow each state to pay off its own debt

  7. The Republicans believed in

    A national bank

    Limited national government

    A loose construction of the Constitution

    An economy based on trade

  8. Who was the 2nd president of the United States?

    John Adams

    Thomas Jefferson

    James Madison

    Alexander Hamilton

  9. During the _________, French officials tried to bribe US diplomats

    French Revolution

    Whiskey Rebellion

    XYZ Affair

    Neutrality Proclamation

  10. Most bankers and manufacturers joined

    The Federalists

    The Republicans

  11. The main purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts was to

    capture British and French spies

    control the Federalists

    silence and punish critics of the Federalists

  12. How was United States neutrality challenged during Washington's presidency?

    Britain and France seized cargoes from United States ships.

    American merchants continued to trade with Britain and France

    The Alien and Sedition Act

    The Louisiana Purchase

  13. Which statement best describes a major result of the Whiskey Rebellion?

    The new government halted the production of whiskey

    People realized that the new government would execute violent protesters

    the new government proved too weak to respond in times of crisis

    People realized that the new government would not tolerate violent protests.

  14. This year's World Series champions will be

    The New York Mets

    The New York Yankees

    The Cincinnati Reds

    The New York Knicks

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