Chapter 14-15 Quiz

  1. Which of the following characteristics are important for a political cartoon?

    point of view/opinion

    symbolic representation


    All of the above

  2. A person who wanted to preserve the country for native born white citizens is known as an





  3. The inventor of the machine to clean cotton was

    John Deere

    Cyrus McCormick

    Samuel Morse

    Eli Whitney

  4. As the Cotton Kingdom spread so did


    teddy bears



  5. The laws that limited the rights of African Americans were

    Morse Code

    the writs of assistance

    slave codes

    video game codes

  6. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the earliest American railroads?

    They initially moved slower than canal transportation did.

    They threw off sparks that sometimes started fires

    They were safe and reliable

    They were often built with a separate track for each direction

  7. What did factory workers hope to achieve by forming trade unions?

    cooperation with factory owners

    training for unskilled workers

    improvements in working conditions

    an end to the factory system

  8. Nat Turner resisted slavery by

    escaping to the North

    leading a major slave revolt

    writing anti-slavery literature

    refusing to pick cotton

  9. What products did southerners buy largely from the North?



    manufactured goods


  10. President Monroe helped form the ______________ to set up a colony for freed slaves in Africa.


    American Colonization Society

    Underground Railroad

    Monroe Doctrine

  11. _____________ risked her life as a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

    Lucretia Mott

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Sojourner Truth

    Harriet Tubman

  12. The gathering at which delegates passed resolutions demanding equality for women was

    The Seneca Falls Convention

    The Great Awakening

    Harpers Ferry

    The World Antislavery Convention

  13. Which of these experiences caused many women to join the struggle for women's rights?

    belief in predestination

    involvement in the abolitionist movement

    support of the American Colonization Society

  14. The reaper was invented by

    Cyrus McCormick

    John Deere

    Isaac Howe

    Samuel Slater

  15. The steel plow was invented by

    Cyrus McCormick

    John Deere

    Isaac Howe

    Samuel Slater

  16. An example of a pull factor is



    freedom of religion

    high taxes

  17. The last Reds player to win the Rookie of the Year award was

    Joey Votto

    Jonathan India

    Chris Sabo

    Pete Rose

    No one has ever won the award from the Reds.

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