Chapter 10 Quiz

  1. In Marbury v. Madison, Chief Justice John Marshall argued successfully that the Supreme Court could

    declare federal laws unconstitutional

    remove federal officials who would not or could not perform their duties

    decide whether debts should be considered in contracts.

    uphold the authority of the federal government over the states

  2. Which of the following DOES NOT describe the Louisiana Purchase?

    The United States purchased Louisiana from France for $15 million

    French power expanded in the Western Hemisphere

    Jefferson expanded the powers of the Presidency

    the United States doubled in size.

  3. Between 1806 and 1809, The Embargo Act and the Non-Intercourse act sought to

    bring peace between France and Britain

    balance Southern and Northern economic power.

    force Great Britain to recognize American rights

    help Britain in wars with Napoleon

  4. The Lewis and Clark expedition occurred AFTER which of the following events?

    the War of 1812

    The Louisiana Purchase

    The Embargo Act of 1807

    The Treaty of Ghent

  5. The War of 1812

    was a disaster for the United States

    could be considered the 2nd War for American Independence

    was considered a victory for Britain

    resulted in the fall of the British government

  6. In the Treaty of Ghent,

    most American demands were satisfied

    the issues that led to war were finally resolved

    nothing was settled beyond a restoration of the prewar conditions

    Britain agreed to end the impressment of American sailors

  7. The Embargo Act was a disaster because it hurt

    the English

    the French

    the Spanish

    the Americans

  8. This "midnight judge" lost his case for appointment in a celebrated Supreme Court decision

    John Marshall

    John Jay

    William Marbury

    James Madison

  9. The process of taking sailors off of American ships and forcing them to help the British is


    a strict interpretation


  10. The guide who helped Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition was


    Dolley Madison

    William Marbury

    Napoleon Bonaparte

  11. The power of the Supreme Court to decide whether laws are constitutional is called

    judicial review




  12. Which of the following allowed the United States to trade with all nations except Britain and France?

    Nonintercourse Act

    Embargo Act

    Stamp Act

    Pinckney Act

  13. As a result of the Louisiana Purchase, the United States

    bought land from Spain

    went to war with France

    lost control of New Orleans

    gained land west of the Mississippi River

  14. Bronson Arroyo, former Reds pitcher, won the World Series while playing with the

    Boston Red Sox

    Cincinnati Reds

    New York Mets

    Brooklyn Nets

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