Articles of Confederation/Constitutional Convention

  1. According to the Great Compromise,

    there would be a one-house legislature.

    each state would have the same number of members in the House.

    New Jersey and Virginia would have the same number of members in Congress.

    there would be two houses in Congress.

  2. A territory could ask Congress to be admitted as a new state

    after paying large sums of money to help defray the cost of the revolution.

    if they set aside large plots of land for displaced Native Americans.

    when it had a population of 60,000 free settlers.

    once all debts were paid off.

  3. At least how many states had to ratify the Constitution before it could go into effect?





  4. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

    allowed slavery in the Northwest Territory.

    purchased territories from Britain.

    provided a way to admit new states to the Union.

    created a new capital city.

  5. How did the Three-Fifths Compromise benefit southern states?

    It allowed the states to retain a larger portion of their tax revenue.

    The southern states were protected by larger presences of military.

    Farmers were given larger land grants to produce goods for trade.

    It allowed the states to have more representatives in the House of Representatives.

  6. The original goal of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was to

    create a federal legislature.

    establish the Supreme Court.

    outlaw slavery in the states.

    revise the Articles of Confederation.

  7. Another name for the Great Compromise is

    The Connecticut Plan

    The New Jersey Plan

    The Virginia Plan

  8. What kind of legislature did the small states prefer?

    one that gave each state the same number of members

    one that awarded membership based on class

    one that was divided into two houses

    one that gave states members based on their population

  9. The Articles of Confederation

    did not create a strong national government.

    created strong federal courts.

    included an executive branch.

    included many state laws.

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