Mr. Dowling
Eighth Grade

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Changes In American Life Quiz

Society and Mass Culture

Practice Quiz

Immigration, Urbanization, Society Extra Notes

The Gilded Age/Progressive Era


Progressive Era Reforms

Gilded Age/Progressive Era Practice Quiz

Women Win New Rights

Other Americans Seek Changes

Another Progressive Era Quiz



Imperialism Practice Test

Spanish American War

America: Globo-Cop

Imperialism Political Cartoons

Another Imperialism Test

World War I

Causes of World War I

World War I Quiz

The United States Enters WWI

American Mobilization

Another World War I Quiz

World War I Crossword

Making The World Safe For Democracy

A Third World War I Quiz

Treaty of Versailles

World War I Review

World War I Quiz

The Roaring 20s

The Roaring Twenties

Roaring 20s Quiz

The Great Depression/The New Deal

Downward Spiral

The New Deal

New Deal Matching

Great Depression/New Deal Quiz

World War II

The Rise of Dictators

World War II Worksheet

World War II Quiz

World War II Begins

World War II Mobilization

World War II Crossword

World War II Fill In The Blanks

Another World War II Quiz

World War II Notes

World War II Quiz 3

The Cold War

A Brief Introduction To The Cold War

The Spread of Communism

The Cold War

Early Cold War Review

Cold War Quiz

The Cold War Continues

Another Cold War Quiz

The Cold War Ends

A Third Cold War Quiz

Post World War II/Civil Rights Movement

Post World War II America

Civil Rights Movement

Practice Test

Civil Rights Movement 2

Civil Rights Crossword

Another Civil Rights Test

Final Review

Final Review 1

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