13 Colonies Quiz

  1. In colonial America, an aim of British mercantile policy was to force American merchants to

    sell more raw materials to countries other than England

    provide raw materials to England only

    compete with England for overseas markets

    produce all their own manufactured goods

  2. The need for agricultural workers in the Southern colonies led to the

    formation of labor unions

    decision to industrialize

    use of enslaved people from Africa

  3. The belief that colonies exist to benefit the economy of the mother country is known as

    triangular trade


    free trade


  4. The original 13 colonies were primarily located along the

    Atlantic Ocean

    Gulf of Mexico

    Mississippi River

    Great Lakes

  5. The main reason most of the early settlers came to the colonies of Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island was to

    seek religious freedom

    purchase inexpensive farm land

    profit from the fur trade

    obtain better jobs

  6. In the 13 colonies, voting rights were limited to

    colonists born in America

    men who owned property

    women who could read and write

    people who had come from England

  7. Which religious group is correctly paired with the colony its members helped establish?




    Catholics-Rhode Island

  8. Which cash crop is credited with helping the Jamestown colony to survive?





  9. In which area did good harbors, abundant forests, rocky soil and a short growing season most influence the colonial economy?

    Southern Colonies

    Middle Colonies

    New England Colonies

  10. The Quakers believed that

    nobles were better than all other settlers

    a strong military was necessary for peace

    all people were equal

  11. The colony of Georgia was founded by

    Lord Baltimore

    James Oglethorpe

    Roger Williams

    Thomas Hooker

  12. Puritans from Massachusetts founded Connecticut because they

    felt the Massachusetts government was too powerful

    felt the Massachusetts government was not powerful enough

    practiced a religion different from others in Massachusetts

    believed in religious toleration

  13. Which colonies were known as the Breadbasket Colonies?

    New England Colonies

    Middle Colonies

    Southern Colonies

  14. As a result of the Great Awakening,

    public schools were opened in the South

    Catholics gained religious freedom

    many churches were destroyed

    many new churches were started

  15. English people who could not afford passage to America came as

    indentured servants


    tobacco farmers


  16. A colonial document extending voting rights to non-church members was the

    Mayflower Compact

    Act of Toleration

    Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

    Quaker Pact

  17. The names of the Middle Colonies were

    New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland

    New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware

    Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts

    South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia

  18. Taking slaves from Africa to the West Indies was part of the

    triangular trade

    colonial smuggling operations

    work of pirates

    way New England avoided having many slaves

  19. Settlers in the Middle Colonies created a society that

    supported local artisans

    was mainly urban

    was ethnically diverse

    settled people by family groups

  20. Which Enlightenment thinker believed that all people were born with rights of life, liberty and property?

    Ben Franklin

    Jonathan Edwards

    John Locke

    Alicia Keys

  21. The last Reds pitcher to pitch a no-hitter was

    Roy Halladay

    Wade Miley

    Homer Bailey

    Tom Browning

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